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A Corneotherapist is someone who practices the remedial skin treatment methodology of Corneotherapy. 

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7th International Symposium on Corneotherapy


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Event Date 04-05-2022 9:00 am
Event End Date 06-05-2022 12:00 pm
Cut off date 08-05-2022 1:00 am
Individual Price TBA
Location Virtual Event

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The Community for Corneotherapy Professionals

What is a Corneotherapist?

A Corneotherapist is someone who practices the remedial skin treatment methodology of Corneotherapy. Corneotherapists are generally skin treatment practitioners or medical...

History of Corneotherapy

The term Corneotherapy was first defined by the American dermatologist Professor A. M. Kligman in the mid 1960’s, when  he and his associates demonstrated  that substantial...

Science of Corneotherapy

The objective of regenerating the skin is a concept just as old as cosmetics itself.  Aesthetic cosmetics show how we would like to look after the regeneration; however caring or...

What is Corneotherapy?

Corneotherapy is a remedial skin treatment methodology with its core principle being the repair and maintenance of the skin barrier defence systems. As the name suggests,...

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A registered, non-profit Association The International Association for Applied Corneotherapy (I.A.C.) is a registered, non-profit association with purposes and objectives...

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