8th Symposium on Corneotherapy

8th Int. Symposium on Corneotherapy. Theme: "Trans barrier treatments"
Hotel Melia-Sevilla, Seville (Spain), Oct 6-8, 2023

Hotel Melia Seville

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We have arranged special rates for our attendees (see registration form) but you are under no obligation to stay at the venue.

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I.A.C Members: €450
Non-members: €550 

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Event Schedule (as of  20/10/22):

Friday, Oct 6, 2023
Salon Santa Cruz, 1st floor (Within the hotel)

16.00-18.00: Registration in the Salon Santa Cruz, 1st floor (Within the hotel)

18.30-18.45: Welcome to Symposium. Elena Hernandez, PhD (Madame Chair)

18.45-18.50: Welcome to Symposium. Igal Kariv (Host)

18.50-19.00: Opening of the Symposium and Introduction. Hans Lautenschläger, PhD (Vice Chair)

19.00-late: Social get-together & Banquet Dinner

Saturday, Oct 7,2023
Salon Santa Cruz

8.45am: Preview of the Day's Format. Margaret Walsh

9.00-9.45: 10 years I.A.C. - Anniversary Lecture 2; Stratum corneum as a part of the general mechanism of skin water balance regulation. Elena Hernandez, Ph.D

9.45-10.30: Penetration and permeation; New measurement of penetrating and permeating active agents. Cornelia Keck, Prof PhD

10.30-11.00: Refreshment break

11.00-11.45: Penetration and permeation; Chemical penetration enhancers – molecular mechanisms within the barrier. Hans Lautenschläger, PhD

Physical treatments; Physical methods of trans barrier delivery – how do they work, what we can expect? Elena Hernandez, PhD

12.30-13.15: Physical treatments; Is dermal needling compatible with corneotherapy? What happens to the barrier? Lance Setterfield, MD

13.15-14.15: Lunch break

14.15-15.00: Physical treatments; Massages, ultrasound & shock waves – influences on the skin barrier integrity. René Serbon

15.00-15.30: Discussion Panel; Penetration and permeation. C. Keck, G. Lanzendörfer-Yu, H. Lautenschläger (Includes short refreshment break)

15.30-15.45: Short Presentation 1:  Call for initiating and installing I.A.C. practice studies. Ghita Lanzendörfer-Yu, PhD

15.45-16.00: Short Presentation 2: How to use and contribute to the I.A.C. Bulletin/Newsletter – call for manuscripts. Elena Hernandez, PhD 

16.30-18.30: I.A.C. General Assembly (I.A.C. Members only)

20.00-late: Optional Dinner & Show at El Patio Sevillano (The oldest flamenco tablao in Seville) See registration form for price.
Transport will be provided, however the venue is a 20 minute walk that follows the riverbank (1.7km) should you choose to walk in either direction.

Sunday, Oct 8, 2023
Salon Santa Cruz

8.45am: Preview of the Day's Format. Margaret Walsh

9.00-9.45: 10 years I.A.C. - Anniversary Lecture 1; Structure of skin barrier – an update. Lars Norlén, Prof PhD

9.45-10.30: Transdermal drugs; Combining drugs and skin care – selected indications (Adjuvant Corneotherapy) Chia-Yu Chu, Prof MD PhD

10.30-11.00: Refreshment break

11.00-11.45:  Triggering the skin microbiome; Influence of the dermal microbiome on epidermal biochemistry & processes. Ghita Lanzendörfer-Yu, PhD

11.45-12.30: Triggering the skin microbiome; Effects of external matter on microbiome biochemistry and its trans barrier influence. Dr. Erin Madigan-Fleck, NMD 

12.30-13.15: Growth factors; External triggering by vitamins, enzymes, cosmeceuticals, natural compounds etc. Kai Atkinson

13.15-14.15: Lunch break

14.15-15.00: 10 years I.A.C. - Anniversary Lecture 3; Radicals, scavengers & skin protection – the role of atmosphere, pollution & radiation. Martina Meinke, Prof PhD

15.00-15.15: Short Presentation 3; Presenting, initiating and installing I.A.C. local networks. I.A.C. Board

15.15-15.30: Closing Speech; Current Stage of Corneotherapy. Elena Hernandez, PhD 

Additional details will be made available as they come to hand.

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