Current Executive Board

Madame Chair: Dr. Elena Hernandez
Vice Chair:  Dr. Hans Lautenschläger
Secretary: Margaret Walsh-Shearer
Treasurer: Marek Harder
Education Commission head: Florence Barrett-Hill
Project manager and Membership administrator: Ralph Hill

The current Executive Board of I.A.C. (as of May 4th, 2019) is led by Dr. Elena Hernandez and Vice Chairman, Dr. Hans Lautenschläger. Both Dr. Hernandez and Dr Lautenschläger are recognised within the international skin care community for their contributions to applied Corneotherapy, and have been advocates of the methodology for over 20 years. Both have both written many publications directly or indirectly increasing the knowledge of those practicing Corneotherapy globally. 

Dr HernandezDr. Elena Hernandez, Ph.D.

Biophysician, Editor-in-Chief, Cosmetics & Medicine Publishing Ltd.Moscow, Russia
Ms Hernandez is a Biophysicist, author and lecturer on the topics of skin biology and physiology, skin permeability, cosmetic chemistry, anti-age medicine, physiotherapy in dermatology and cosmetology. She was a researcher at the Institute of Biochemistry, laboratory of lipid chemistry berore taking the position of chief assistant for the Russian Perfumery and Cosmetic Association.
She is also the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the Cosmetics & Medicine Publishing Ltd. (since 1997), and is an author and co-author of many publications in professional magazines and books, such as "New Cosmetology" (vv. 1–7), "Lipid Skin Barrier and Cosmetic Formulations", "Battle for Hair" etc.

Hans 2017Dr. Hans Lautenschläger PhD 

Chief scientist, KOKO Kosmetikvertrieb GmbH & Co.KG
Dr. Lautenschläger is a internationally respected  organic chemist  and pharmacologist with vast experience in the development of formulations and products designed for the skin.  Research & Development under his guidance for a number of German organisations has produced novel pharmaceutical actives for lipid metabolism disorders, inflammation and heart, blood and circulation diseases. 
His interest in phospholipids and their application in treating skin barrier disorders have put him in the forefront of innovative design of skin care products primarily employed in applied Corneotherapy.


team 2018Association Administration team

The administration team consists of (from L to R) Margaret Walsh-Shearer, (Secretary) Hans Lautenschläger, (Vice Chair)  Marek Harder, (Treasurer) Florence Barrett-Hill, (Education Commission) and Ralph Hill. (Project manager and Membership administrator)

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