sponsor-member-symbolSponsoring Members Criteria

In order to meet the criteria of sponsoring membership, applicants must demonstrate commitment to the Corneotherapy modality via core values and a company culture that exhibits commitment to Corneotherapy.
In addition to sustaining individual membership status for a minimum of 12 months, the Board of the I.A.C accept a minimum of four of the following :

• Website content that includes Corneotherapy prominently
• Brochures/treatment menu that includes Corneotherapeutic treatments
• Published advertising/promotional/articles related to Corneotherapy
• Corneotherapy related training provided by staff
• Corneotherapy related treatments provided by staff
• Corneotherapy related products distributed/created/manufactured

Upon application, please add as much information to the application form that demonstrates the above, including URL of relevant web pages and adding files via the "other documents" section on the registration form as appropriate.


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