First and foremost, being a member of a professional society establishes you as a career professional.  You officially have demonstrated your interest and commitment to advancing the field of Corneotherapy and you have ensured your ability to connect with the mainstream of the profession.

This connectivity leads to another advantage of joining a professional society—that of networking.

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Professional societies such as I.A.C. encourage the gathering of intelligent, like-minded professionals who are immersed in the subject matter to exchange ideas, theories, and opinions. These discussions may lead to the development of new and/or expanded collaborations.

While ever-expanding information technologies abound, the opportunity to cull through this information and examine it through intellectual discourse is critical. 

Again, the professional society offers such a forum—through professional meetings, workshops, and peer-reviewed journal publications.


Admission as a regular or individual member is acquired by application on-line, with the application being decided by a vote of the Executive Board.

We also seek sponsoring members, who may individuals, companies or corporations under private and public ownership who operate within the realms of professional skin care. Sponsoring members enjoy the privileges of promoting themselves and products/services to the Corneotherapy community via the association’s channels.


Membership benefits of the I.A.C. include:

  • Enhanced perception and assurance by patients and clients of proficiency that comes from the acceptance of  membership of a professional global body.
Access to a sharing community via the website. This is a library of relevant information were members collaborate and share successes, techniques, protocols, educational graphics, and more.  

  • A message board or forum where we can support each other to ensure Corneotherapy grows to a leading remedial methodology for professional skin care.

  • Regular symposiums and events globally.
  • An online journal for members.
  • Post graduate training opportunities to members and their staff via an online educational resources.

Who can join?

The association invites the membership of:


Other information

As a non-profit organisation, the association does not exist to promote individual interests of its members, exclusively pursuing charitable objectives as defined by the paragraph “tax-privileged purposes” of the German fiscal code.  Members however have the opportunity to conduct business with each other within the community; such as training and licensing of intellectual property provided that such activity does not conflict with the purpose of the Association.

The Association does not function as a profit making venture, with revenue generated used exclusively to provide the infrastructure for the services to its members as laid down in the statutes.  Consequently, members do not receive dividends or any other benefits from the Association's funds, except for being paid or reimbursed for lectures, workshops or specialist services for which they have provided exclusively for association members. In this event, and in line with the association’s financial directives, members are paid for their efforts and direct costs only. 

A full copy of the statutes is available when applying for membership.

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