A registered, non-profit Association

The International Association for Applied Corneotherapy (I.A.C.) is a registered, non-profit association with purposes and objectives dedicated to the advancement of scientific research and practical applications within the realm of Corneotherapy and related sciences such as dermatology, cosmetology, and corneobiology.


The association and its members collaborate to share and distribute information and findings from the realm of Corneotherapy and its related sciences for the benefit of the Corneotherapy community.  
The association facilitates this collaboration by means of the sharing facilities on this website and regular symposia, conferences, workshops and conventions globally.

The association strives for the advancement of collaboration and information exchange between dermatologists, skin treatment practitioners, clinical aestheticians and other experts, who campaign for the scientific and applied Corneotherapy or work in this field. The association seeks to also develop relationships with other foreign associations with similar interests.

Facilities and channels to be used

  • The provision of a sharing community via the www.corneotherapy.org website that features libraries of information, studies, protocols and other related data that advances the practice of Corneotherapy.
  • To facilitate symposiums, conferences and workshops globally.
  • To establish and support “Corneotherapy” as a subject in Wikipedia.
  • To create an online journal for members.
  • Facilitate communication among members of the I.A.C. through social media platforms such as Facebook and Linkedin.
  • Extend post graduate training opportunities to members via online educational resources.
  • Establishment and maintenance of a time current, world map of Corneotherapy.

 Read about our criteria for individual membership here, and sponsoring membership here.  

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