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The 2019 International Symposium on Corneotherapy was as interesting and educational as our previous 5 events.
The theme of the event was Enzymes: In and Around The Skin, and was facilitated by 12 presenters; each with their own area of expertise to offer.

The presenters; in order of appearance at the event:

Dr-Lautenschlger 6th I.A.C. Symposium, Bonn, 2019

Dr Hans Lautenschläger, PhD
Organic chemist
Managing director of KOKO Kosmetikvertrieb GmbH & Co. KG, Leichlingen, Germany
Presentation topic: Biochemistry: Human enzymes – classification & functions – an introduction
Fields of activity:
• Development of cosmetic & dermatological products
• Skin protection
• Phospholipids
• Carriers of cosmetic active agents

Daehnhardt Pfeiffer

Stephan Daehnhardt-Pfeiffer, Degreed Engineer
Bio Scientist
Microscopy Services Dähnhardt GmbH, Flintbek, Germany
Presentation topic: Physics Stratum corneum – organisation,components & enzymatic activities
Fields of activity:
• Electron microscopy
• Pollution imaging 
• Imaging of nanoparticles
• Efficacy studies – 3 D in vitro skin models
• Certified surveyor for analyses – DIN EN ISO/IEC 17024


Florence Barrett-Hill, CIDESCO, ITEC
Dermal science researcher & educator
Managing director of Pastiche Training, Orewa, New Zealand
Presentation topic: Chemistry: Lipid metabolism of the skin
Fields of activity:
• Consultant
• Professional educator
• Skin analysis Expert
• Author of 5 specialist books

Pro-Miler-Goymann 6th I.A.C. Symposium, Bonn, 2019

Christel Müller-Goymann, Professor, PhD
Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology, Technical University, Braunschweig, Germany
Presentation topic: Pharmacology Biodegradation pathways of topically applied drugs and cosmetics
Fields of activity:
• Physical structure of topical formulations
• Fluid-crystalline systems & interactions with pharmaceutical drugs
• Development & definition of colloidal galenics for cutaneous and ocular applications
• Pharmaceutical drugs & cosmetic active agents

Prof Kleck

Cornelia Keck, Professor, PhD
Department Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics, Philipps University, Marburg, Germany
Presentation topic: Physiology:Phospholipids & essential fatty acids – metabolism pathways in body and skin
Fields of activity:
• Drug delivery
• Innovative nano carriers
• Actives for healthcare and cosmetics

Prof-kleuser 6th I.A.C. Symposium, Bonn, 2019

Burkhard Kleuser, Professor, PhD
Food chemist & biochemist
Director of the Institute of Nutritional Science, University Potsdam, Germany
Presentation topic: Molecular Dermatology:Selected enzyme defects & imbalances in human body & influences on skin
Fields of activity:
• Nutritional science
• Pharmacology and Toxicology
• Sphingolipids: Signals and Disease
• Nano carriers: Architecture, transport and target-orientated Application of Pharmaceuticals

Dr Hernandez

Elena Hernandez, PhD
Editor-in-Chief, Cosmetics & Medicine Publishing Ltd.Moscow, Russia
Presentation topic: Corneotherapy: Physiotherapeutic modulation of enzymatic activities in corneotherapy
Fields of activity:
• Skin biology and physiology
• Cosmetic chemistry
• Anti-age medicine
• Physiotherapy in dermatology and cosmetology
• Methods for skin analysis and visualization

Prof Proksch

Ehrhardt Proksch, Professor, MD, PhD
Physician and organic chemist
Wound Healing research group, Department of Dermatology, University Kiel, Germany
Presentation topic: Dermatology: Wound healing – signal transduction,messengers & enzymes
Fields of activity:
• Wound healing
• Atopic eczema – neurodermatitis
• Permeability barrier of the skin
• Antimicrobial proteins and skin infection
• Skin protection and skin care

Prof Effendy

Isaak Effendy, Professor, MD
Physician – human medicine
Head of the Department of Dermatology, Municipal Hospita, Bielefeld, Germany
Presentation topic: Dermatology: Fungi on the skin: How does a mycotic infection come about?
Fields of activity:
• Anogenital dermatoses
• Skin and aging
• Onychomycoses
• Genital dermatoses
• Acne

Prof Chu

Chia-Yu Chu, Professor, MD, PhD
Dermatologist & toxicologist
Department of Dermatology, National Taiwan University Hospital,Taipei, Taiwan
Presentation topic: Dermatology: Molecular biology of atopic skin
Fields of activity:
• Molecular mechanism of carcinogenesis
• Contact dermatitis and occupational dermatoses
• Cutaneous adverse effects of drugs
• Immunodermatosis and vasculitis
• Atopic dermatitis

Dr-Lanzendrfer-Yu 6th I.A.C. Symposium, Bonn, 2019

Ghita Lanzendörfer-Yu, PhD
Inorganic chemist
Independent Consultant, Mülheim-Ruhr,Germany
Presentation topic: Biochemistry: Enzyme activities of the skin microbiome at normal and infected skin
Fields of activity:
• Consulting on cosmetic development
• Consulting on cosmetic production
• Skin structure – Efficacy of cosmetic formulations
• Publishing – Blogging on cosmetic topics

Dr Kloss

Jürgen Kloss, PhD
Organic chemist
Head of R&D, KOKO Kosmetikvertrieb GmbH & Co. KG, Leichlingen, Germany
Presentation topic: Corneotherapy:Enzymes and probiotics in skin care
Fields of activity:
• Development of cosmetics
• Lamellar systems
• Liposomes
• Nanoparticles

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